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I make custom and personalized jewellery. All pieces are designed and inspired by me, all the designs are unique and original. I specialize in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. I work mostly with materials such as wire, gems, glass beads and acrylic.


My Story

Mission and Vision

How Captureyes and I started…

Even since I was young, I’ve been fascinated with the world of art, crafts, photography and jewelry. I wanted to find a way to combine all these amazing things into one but at the time I didn’t know how. I started making jewelry as a hobby; I made things like necklaces and rings for family, friends and myself.

Over time my hobby of jewelry became a passion! I got interested in learning new techniques and skills to make jewelry. That is when it hit me, I knew how to combine the worlds that I was so fascinated by, and Captureyes was born! I became more determined to improve the quality, designs and my own knowledge to help me, give you, the customer the very best Captureyes.

I started this passion three years ago but only recently started this as a business.  Rest assured my top priority is giving you high quality products and the best possible service.

I am planning on introducing earrings and coloured wire rings. I will accept request for the wire colour rings only. I may do custom orders or vary any other part for my other pieces of jewelry if you contact me, and we will discuss it from there.

My most used materials are listed below:

Acrylic, Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarine     Birthstone, Black, Pearl, Carnelian, Ceramic, Citrine, Copper, Coral, Crystal, Cubic Zircon, Garnet, Gem, Gemstone, Jade, Moonstone, Mother Of Pear, Obsidian, Onyx, Pearl, Precious Gems, Resin, Rhinestone, Rhodium, Ruby, Sapphire, Seed Beads, Semi-Precious Stones, Silver, Stainless Steel, Swarovski Crystal, Wire, Wood, Yellow Gold


Captureyes by Laura, is a Canadian company dedicated to the production of modern, exclusive, handmade and excellent quality jewelry, that seeks to be a necessary addition or accessory for women 20 and 60 years of age who work dealing charges high responsibility and housewives.

The search for excellence in each of the activities that I do is the essence of corporate culture.


Captureyes by Laura, I want to consolidate its leadership in the field of handmade jewelry in Canada, reaching a larger, still more profitable and developing a unique brand that is a symbol of distinction and unsurpassed quality of a unique style, which marks trends in the Dominican market, without compromising their own values and signs of a firm family identity.


Feel free to ask me anything or suggest it.

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